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How to Breast Massage

Breast oil massage

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Ayurvedic approach for pregnancy

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Breast Massage

Breast Massage

Breast M


Young woman receiving ayurvedic treatment, eyes closed

Young woman receiving ayurvedic treatment, eyes closed

Ayurvedic massage therapy generally

Ayurvedic massage therapy generally provide a therapeutic cure, it does helps the organism to receive nutrient material from within the body and to expel toxins.

Certain ailments related to the muscles, ligaments and nervous system can be completely healed through good ayurvedic massage therapy. In diseases caused by deranged Vata, massage therapy can also be the only remedy. In diseases caused by deranged pitta and kapha, ayurvedic massage therapy compliments other healing methods.

In ayurvedic massage therapy, the practitioner works with the knowledge of the nila or pressure points. Ayurvedic massage therapy is an ideal remedy for pain.

Ayurvedic massage therapy can be a real cure in case of arthritis, rheumatism, neurasthenia, high or low blood pressure, sciatica, paralysis, polio and insomnia. In all these cases, the massage practitioner should however also prescribe specific m

**Massage enhances relaxation of the muscles and relieves pain. It also increases blood circulation.
The literal meaning of 'massage' is manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using the hands. In naturopathy, massage occupies a very important place in the treatment of diseases of all kinds.

1. Massage is used to improve blood circulation, to reduce swelling (oedema), adhesions in tissues after injury, reduce muscular spasm and improve muscle tone.

2. Massage reduces muscle-tension and relieves pain, opens the pores of the skin, thus eliminating toxins from the body through sweat.

3. It stimulates the digestive system and activates the urinary system


Gentle pressure point massage with warm oil eases away tension and induces relaxation. It increases the circulation in your scalp to promote healthy and strong hair growth.
It is especially indicated for migraine and tension, headaches, sleeping problems and for brittle hair.

Body Scrub



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This massage enables you to relax your body in total harmony with chakra's been massage at the same time by three masseurs to balance your body in total harmony.

face massage

A fresh and radiant face means you feel beautiful and more confident in dealing with day-to-day work. It would not be incorrect to say that in most cases, the face is the index of the mind. These beneficial oils go deep into the tissues, relax the facial muscles, tone up the skin and even improve the eyesight and nervous system.
Face Packs are softer and more porous types of face masks. Very similar in action , they improve circulation as well as cleanse and tauten the entire face. Because they are soft, they allow the skin to breathe more and are gentler than masks.

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